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FM Valentines

FM Valentines Pro consists of 50+ hand-lettered love expressions and sentiments for various romantic purposes: from St.Valentine’s greeting cards to email/ letter signatures, to engagement, wedding and anniversary accessories and gifts. Most of the expressions are in English, with some additions in other languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian, German (for example ‘Te quiero’, ‘Amore’, ‘Je t’aime’, ‘Ich liebe dich’, etc.). All the words and phrases are original and handwritten – a high quality calligraphy for your projects. In addition there are 10 hand-drawn heart icons in the digits’ glyphs. (0-9)

I Love You | Happy Valentine’s Day | Miss You | Be Mine | Kiss Me | Love Me | Will You Be My Valentine | Love | Ich Liebe Dich | Te Quiero | Amor | Je t’aime | Amour | Amore


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